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Our Legal Services

Corporate Services

Company Registration

We provide company registration service pertaining to incorporation of a company limited both Thai-majority and foreign-majority shareholding. It also includes registration of amendments of company details such as change of share structure, adding/removal of directors, change of company address, registration and/or amendment of company by-laws.

BOI Thailand

Our service for application of Board of Investment (BOI) promotion caters to the needs of both local and foreign investors who seek to have their various business activities be eligible for promotion under the BOI. Our assistance includes initial assessment of the proposed business activity, guidance in the preparation of the business plan to be presented to the Board until the issuance of the Investment Promotion Certificate (IPC).

Treaty of Amity

We assist US nationals and corporate entities establish their business presence in Thailand through the US-Thai Treaty of Amity. Our service includes company registration of a new entity or a branch office of a US company in Thailand. Our service guides US investors from the registration of the company with the Business Department up to the issuance of the Foreign Business Certificate (FBC) from the Ministry of Commerce.

Foreign Business License (FBL)

Applications for Foreign Business Licence (FBL) is a requirement for every foreign corporate entity registered under Thai law. The Foreign Business Act sets forth the process of the application. Our company registration with FBL application helps foreign-owned companies go through the distinct steps from the acceptance of the application by the MOC for review by the Committee and the Committee’s actual review and approval of the application.

Litigation and Legal Services

Siam Legal International’s litigation team would be your best option for legal representation. With years of experience in civil and criminal law, our Thailand lawyers can provide the best legal expertise in varied cases involving:

Civil Cases

Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Personal Injury Claim and Medical Malpractice

Criminal Cases

Fraud, Extradition, Drug Offences and Narcotics Charges

Dispute Resolutions

Trade and Intellectual Property Disputes, Labour Dispute, Mediation, Arbitration

Legal Services

Siam Legal International, as a full-service law firm in Thailand, also provides other legal services such as: Last Will and Testament, Notary Service, Power of Attorney, Private Investigation, Criminal Background Check, Opening a Bank Account in Thailand, Translation & Legalisation Services.

Family Law

Marriage in Thailand

Our marriage registration service includes preparation of marriage affirmation, translation and legalisation of documents, accompanying the clients at the registration office. We can ensure that the marriage complies with Thai law, and for foreigners, that it is also recognized abroad.

Prenuptial Agreement

We provide consultation with our family lawyers regarding a prenuptial agreement to both marrying parties before drafting the agreement. The prenuptial agreement will be prepared in both Thai and English language. We also assist in the registration of prenuptial agreement at the district office.

Adoption in Thailand

Child Adoption in Thailand is a complex process and it is important to seek the professional help of a law firm in Thailand that has extensive experience in providing clients with child adoption advice and assistance. We provide legal assistance to both domestic and inter-country adoption and will work closely with the Child Adoption Center in handling all stages of the adoption process.

Divorce in Thailand

Our law firm prides itself to have a team of Thai divorce lawyers with vast experiences and who can assist Thai and foreign nationals who need representation in uncontested or contested divorce in Thailand, divorce agreement, child custody, spousal and child support, and issues on marital properties in Thailand.

Child Legitimation

There are options available for the legitimation of a child in Thailand such as: marriage between the biological father and the mother, through administrative registration or a judgement of the court. If you are not certain which is the best option for you and your family, it is recommended to consult with a trusted Thailand law firm to represent you in your legitimation case.

Thailand Divorce Lawyer

Our Thai divorce lawyers are adept in Thai law and they been handling numerous situations involving family law disputes in actual courtroom hearings. The level of experience counts in divorce law as this will help in better handling the uncontested and contested divorce, custody settlements and divorce agreement.

Property Law

How to Buy Property in Thailand

When buying property in Thailand as a foreigner, you need to know the correct legal process for you to acquire the property. Before you sign any deposit agreement or contract, you should sit down with a Thai property lawyer to discuss the legal process. Siam Legal International provides a comprehensive property legal services that suits your needs:

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Thailand?

If you are a foreigner wanting to buy property in Thailand, whether a condominium, villa or land, for lease or purchase, but not certain as to how this is done. Here, you will find the basic breakdown of what needs to be done and how to buy property or any real estate in Thailand. Our Thai Lawyers' extensive knowledge in Thailand property laws allow us to provide you sound and reliable advice when buying a property in Thailand as a foreigner.


Thailand Visa

Our Thailand Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining Thailand Business Visa, Thai Marriage Visa,Thailand Retirement Visa, Non Immigrant Visa, Thai Elite Visa, and more.

U.S. Visa

Our US Visa Services include legal assistance in getting Tourist Visa to the US, Business Visa, K1 Fiancé Visa Thailand, K3 Marriage Visa Thailand, CR1 Visa in Thailand, Student Visa and others.

U.K. Visa

Our UK Visa Services include assistance in acquiring Visitor Visa to the UK, Business Visa, Family Members Visa, UK Spouse Visa, UK Fiancé Visa, Student Visa and more.

Australian Visa

Our Australian Visa Services provide assistance in obtaining Australian Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Australian Fiance Visa, Spouse Visa for Australia and more.

Canadian Visa

Our Canada Visa Services provide legal assistance in applying for Canadian Tourist Visa, Partner Visa, Marriage Visa to Canada, Student Visa, Work Visa and more.

Schengen Visa

Our Visa Services include legal assistance in getting Schengen Visa Thailand and Foreign Visas such as Fiance Visa, Marriage Visa, Work Visa, and Student Visa.

Contact Us

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